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Bella Salice literally translates into "Beautiful Willow"

Willow trees are one of a kind, as they are capable of bending in impossible angles without snapping. It symbolizes women, elegance and strength. 

At Bella Salice, we believed timeless jewelry designs can elevate any outfit, and once you found that lovable piece you tend to wear it everyday. Bella Salice was born with this vision in mind, to design humanized jewelry for the industrialized world. Jewelry should not be an accessory in a giant storage box, it should be a personalized item with deep connection to its wearer. We designed the collections for you with love and light, to remind yourself to show the world who you are and embrace your inner beauty.

To provide jewelry of quality that can stand the test of time. We offers designer pieces in the materials of either 18K gold vermeil or rhodium layered on 925 sterling silver, so you can wear your favorite pieces day after day.


Fair Pricing

To make luxury accessible, we guaranteed fair pricing for our jewelry lovers. We had chosen the best manufacturers to handcraft the jewelry with top materials and quality craftsmanship as other luxury jewelry brands, but we sell them directly to you and have skipped the traditional mark up in retails in order for you to enjoy premium quality with much more affordable prices.